Elected annually, the committee of the École Panorama Heights Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PHPAC) represent all parents and guardians whose children are in attendance of our school. Committee members meet regularly throughout the school year to consult with principals on concerned school matters and to vote on proposed PHPAC activities. All parents/guardians in our school are entitled to attend meetings.

2017-2018 Core Executives
Role Name E-mail Function
President (Chairperson) Kelsey Jones
Leah McGeachie
chair@panoramaheightspac.ca Coordinates PHPAC affairs in cooperation with other members and meet with school administration to discuss interest and concerns of people in the school community.
Vice President Shereen Ginena vp@panoramaheightspac.ca Supports duties and responsibilities of the president.
Treasurer Melda Okucu treasurer@panoramaheightspac.ca Disburses money according to the PHPAC decisions/rules, notes transactions in the treasurer's book, and prepare reports of finances at each meeting.
Secretary Leah Barrington
Maria Recinto
secretary@panoramaheightspac.ca Records minutes of regular and executive meetings and maintains a minutes book.
District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Representative Dulce Myles dpac@panoramaheightspac.ca Attends DPAC meetings and reports on interests and concerns at district level.


2017-2018 Non-Core Executives
Role Name E-mail Function
Fundraising Committee Coordinators Vacant fundraising@panoramaheightspac.ca Coordinates fundraising programs for the school year, and proposes plans for the next year.
Movie Nights Coordinator Leah McGeachie fundraising@panoramaheightspac.ca Coordinates movie nights for the school year.
Safety, Health & Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Melda Okucu safety@panoramaheightspac.ca Monitors supplies and assists school with student ID forms and other related tasks.
Grade 5 Committee Coordinators Alicia Tarry
Marnie Chamberlain
grade5@panoramaheightspac.ca Plans activities and orders graduation gifts for Grade 5 students.
Traffic Coordinator Jerusha Chong traffic@panoramaheightspac.ca Coordinates the monitoring of traffic on and around the school grounds.
Class Liaison and Parent Communications Coordinator Shilpi Mehrotra classliaison@panoramaheightspac.ca Prepares and distributes PAC newsletters, maintains Parent Community bulletin boards, coordinates the recruitment of class reps, translation reps, and other parent volunteers, liaise with class reps and school staff.
Parent Education Coordinators Alicia Tarry
Lavina Wong
parenteducation@panoramaheightspac.ca Arranges parent education speakers.
Canadian Parents for French Colby Anderson cpf@panoramaheightspac.ca Attends CPF district meetings and reports back to PAC, liaison for French Immersion families.
Multicultural Liaison Coordinator Vacant multicultural@panoramaheightspac.ca Works with translation representatives and ESL teachers to communicate and encourage involvement of multicultural families.
Hot Lunch Coordinators Melanie Norris hotlunch@panoramaheightspac.ca Organizes Hot Lunch days, and coordinates ordering, preparation and delivery.
Student Enrichment Program (SEP) Coordinator Melanie Norris sep@panoramaheightspac.ca Proposes, organizes and implements diverse student enrichment activities, including coordinating clubs.
Athletic Club Coordinator Paola Rodriguez sep@panoramaheightspac.ca Organizes weekly meetups throughout the school year to promote healthy lifestyle and athletic excellence.
Website and Communications Coordinator Macy Azimi webmaster@panoramaheightspac.ca Carries out development of PHPAC website and maintains its day to day operation.
School Planning Council (SPC) Representative Vacant spc@panoramaheightspac.ca Develops, monitors, and reviews school plans. Maintains ways to promote effective communication between the school community and the school planning council.

Contact the Chairperson for any questions.