Treat Days at Panorama Heights: 2013 – 2014 School Year

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As a fundraiser for our school we will be holding a number of Treat Days throughout the year, usually distributing treats during recess.

In order to minimize food waste and to efficiently ensure every child can be served quickly we will be holding Treat Days on a pre-registered, pre-paid basis only (please use electronic payment button below to order). For $13.50 your child can participate in the Treat Day program and receive healthy and fun snacks throughout the year – We’ve increased the number of treat days, keeping the pricing in-line with last year, on a “per Treat Day” basis. The children will have the opportunity to enjoy a special treat each and every month, starting in early November.

The following treats are planned, plus a few “mystery treats” for a total of 8 Treat Days:

• Sweet Bakery item + drink

• Mandarin Orange + Drink

• Popcorn + drink

• Savoury Bakery item + drink

• Frozen Yogurt

Note NO items containing nuts will be served. If your child has an allergy, please advise detail and we will do our best to provide an alternate. We will be purchasing food items based on full participation and therefore no refunds will be given. Thank you for supporting Panorama Heights school!!!!

2013-2014 Treat Days