Another year is coming to an end and another Parents Advisory Council (PAC) AGM has passed too.

My name is Emil Zimmermann and yesterday I was elected as the new Chair of the Panorama Heights PAC. I consider this as a huge privilege and I intend to do my best to make a difference in our community. First of all I want to thank Denise and Amtul our outgoing co-chairs for their hard work and their effort to maintain our amazing community spirit and to find ways of making it even better. We live in an an awesome neighbourhood and our kids go to an amazing school. Parents’ commitment and willingness to do something great is just amazing. As an executive member of the School District 43 PAC I meet parents from all over the School District 43. It is clear that our school and our community is just truly incredible. We live in a School District that has a very good reputation in British Columbia, with an equally recognized and respected District PAC. Panorama Heights Elementary is a logical extension of this awesomeness on individual schools level.

Having said all this, we need to look into certain things. how can we become even better even more active. What can we do to ensure that our kids are ALWAYS in the focus. Regardless of budgets, job actions, cuts, problems. We have to remember that we are ALL here to support our children on their journey to become responsible, knowledgable and respected adults. As a parent community we all have to remember this. We ALL are PAC. You, me, every single parent is member of the PAC and we all have a chance to contribute to the awesomeness we are part of.

Finally I want to thank Mr Speakman – our principal, Mr Hunter – our outgoing Vice Principal and all the staff for their effort in making our school such a great place to be.

Also I want to welcome Ms Cari-Lee Denton our new Vice Principal – who is replacing Mr Hunter – to our community

As someone very wise said once:

“Every decision you make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle”. I choose miracle. I hope you are all with me in this!

Enjoy your summer and see you guys in Fall

Emil Zimmermann

To ALL Parents…(Please Read)
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