Dear Parents.

Since the official launch of the Panorama Heights PAC website – back in February 2013 – we’ve had almost 10,000 hits and almost 1,000 unique visitors! Considering that we have about 500 kids in the school this is HUGE. This website has become a very important part of our awesome community.

As the summer break is approaching, we have been thinking about some new stuff for the fall. Fresh, new and exciting start. Once the school is finished at the end of June, there will not be many updates on this website during the summer. This is just the way it is. Summer is the time for fun. However during the month of JULY the website will undergo a scheduled maintenance and update. during that period it will be offline and some great stuff will start taking shape. Once we are all back in fall, we’ll be going Wooohoooo!

On behalf of all the PAC executives I want to thank YOU ALL for embracing this website and although I know that not everyone is keen on going online and doing stuff online, I can assure you there is nothing to worry about. We should not be scared of new things.

Albert Einstein the great scientist once said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

We should embrace new things and shape them so that our lives and especially our children’s lives become better and happier. Technology is not going away. Closing our eyes at its doorsteps will not make it disappear. The question is this: Are we IN or OUT? Are we ready to rock or we want to vanish in the mist of anonymity. I choose miracle. Are you with me? I truly hope you are!

Panorama Heights is a great school with an awesome parent community. Not many school PACs have their own website in BC. And I know for fact that many of them are watching our website and learning. They WILL follow suite. Isn’t it exciting to be a messenger of new wave of PAC communication? I personally feel very excited and proud to be part of this exciting initiative to give our school and our PAC a visibility that calls for attention. There are many eyes on us and all we have to do is buckle ourselves up and ENJOY THE RIDE and make sure you all look for miracles. Life and this world is full of them!

Our community wouldn’t be what it is without our great teachers, our Principal Mr Speakman and our Vice Principal Mr Hunter. I want to thank them all for their efforts and visions to empower, inspire and equip our children with the best in life: knowledge, curiosity and creativity.

Thank You all. You are truly awesome.

Emil Zimmermann – on behalf of the PHPAC

Summer Break – Website Update