Panorama PAC is pleased to announce that The White Hatter will be coming to Panorama. There will be a PARENT NIGHT from 7 pm to 9 pm on February 26, 2018. The parent night is open to parents of students of all grades and neighboring schools. All grade 4 and 5 students shall be attending a session with the White Hatter.

Who is The White Hatter you may be asking? Brandon Laur, with the White Hatter Team, will be at Panorama to speak to parents on a subject matter close to the heart of many parents: INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA SAFETY AND DIGITAL LITERACY. The purpose of this parent education session is to help parents to pro-actively understand the enabling power of digital technology and mobile communications, but also sharing ways to help mitigate a son or daughter from engaging in high risk and/or undesirable online behavior.

Education is the first step in keeping our kids safer in this technology driven world. It is not uncommon that children know more about the workings of the internet and social networking than their parents do. This presentation is designed to educate even the most computer illiterate parent. Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowledge is power. Parents are the foundation when it comes to youth online interactions. This program will offer insight into the world of social media along with providing valuable tools to help navigate this topic area.

Parents please mark this date February 26, 7 PM on your calendar. The cost to attend is $15 per person. Child minding will be provided at a $3 per child as well. Sign up below to reserve a spot. This parent education session is open to parents of students of all grades. The more informed we are, the more we can be ready to guide our children in the digital world we are living and experiencing.

Please note there are no refunds for the event. We will be opening this up to parents at other schools. Please feel free to invite other parents to attend.

There is no turning back. Let’s be READY!

Workshop Date February 26, 2018
Where Panorama Heights Elementary School
Speaker Brandon Laur from the White Hatter
Admission $15 per person
Child Minding $3 per child
Payment Method Electronic payment via credit card or your own PayPal account – using the order form below
No cash will be accepted.
Registration Deadline Monday, February 26, 2018 at noon
Refund No refund issued after registration and payment

Important Notes
Please be sure to keep your PayPal confirmation receipt. If you do not receive an order confirmation from PayPal, the order was not processed.

Contact the Parent Education Coordinator for any questions.

White Hatter Workshop – February 26