Saleema Noon

Sex talk. No sweat.

A Body Science Workshop for Parents and Children

May 21 (parent only workshop) and May 26 (children’s workshops – parents must attend with their children)

Not all parents are comfortable talking to their children about sex, but all parents can learn to be comfortable.  Attendees will discover how to easily overcome embarrassment when talking about sexual health, learn words and concepts that are easy to use, and leave well equipped to clearly answer the questions children ask.  The workshop is light hearted, but delivers straight and current facts on how parents and children can work together to promote good sexual decisions for a lifetime.  In their Body Science presentations, Saleema Noon and her team of educators work with children, teaching them about healthy bodies and healthy sexuality in ways they find non-threatening and entertaining.

The Panorama Heights PAC is excited to present Cath Blythe from Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators.  Cath earned her nursing degree in 1997.  Her passion for family health led her to community-based child health nursing, focusing on preventative health education

As seating is limited, pre-registration is required to reserve your space for this informative and important workshop.  You must register for these workshops through the PAC secure online payment system.  No cash or cheque payments will be accepted.  Thank you for your understanding.

Registration fee:  $10 per family – Your registration fee covers both nights of the workshop, and includes all your elementary aged children.  Please see bottom of page to register.

Brief Workshop details:

May 21st  –  PARENT WORKSHOP  –  6:30pm-8:00pm

  • This workshop will cover reasons why it is important to talk to your children about sexual health at an early age, and how to provide this information to your children in ways they will understand.  It will help you answer those tough questions your children will ask as their bodies change and develop.  Additionally, you will learn what will be covered in the children’s Body Science workshops being held the following evening.  Open discussion is encouraged.

May 22nd  May 26th  –  CHILDREN’S WORKSHOPS – Parents must attend these sessions with their children

  • Kindergarten – Grade 3  –  6:30 to 7:15p.m
    • Through the concept of Body Science, children will learn scientific words related to sexual health and that they have ownership of their bodies.  They learn about reproduction, how a baby grows and is born.  They learn the basics of menstruation and nocturnal emissions (or wet dreams) as clean and healthy processes.
  • Grade 4 and Grade 5  –  7:30 to 8:30p.m.
    • This workshop will cover all the information from the Kindergarten to Grade 3 presentation, plus children learn about how the body changes at puberty and basic information about sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).  Children are introduced to the responsibilities of being in a sexual relationship.

Registration Instructions:

Follow steps 1 to 3 to register for any of the three Saleema Noon Workshops.  Parent information in Step 1 must be provided to continue registration.  Select the workshops you are interested in by filling in the participant details in each step.  If you would like to opt out a specific workshop or the workshop does not apply to your family (ie, you only want to attend the parent sessions or you have no children in a specific age category) you can leave that step blank, just click Next to continue the registration process.

For more complete details please refer to Saleema Noon’s website:

Saleema Noon Workshops – May 21 and May 26