Grade 5 Hoodies 2014

Dear Families of a Panorama Heights Grade 5 Student,

In keeping with tradition, a few things are planned for your child’s final year of elementary school, including the Grade 5 hoodie.  This year, hoodies will be black with a full front zipper.  The front left chest will have the school logo and the back has a big “Class of 2014” that every grade 5 student has signed.  A vote was held on the design, and student’s overwhelmingly supported this year’s design.  The hoodie is a personalized memento to celebrate your child’s final year at Panorama Heights!

Each student has had an opportunity to try on a few sample sizes.  Students were given guidance in picking their sizes with the assistance of staff and a few moms.  One thing we learned from previous years is that a hoodie that fits now, will certainly not fit after a couple washes and a growth spurt or two!  The Grade 5 committee coordinator has a record of your child’s size and this information will be provided to Western Athletics directly.  All you need to do to order is follow the directions below and make payment through the PAC’s secure online payment site.  It’s that easy!  The hoodies are premium quality, and each one will cost $35.65 (taxes and delivery included).  To facilitate the ordering process, payment by cash or cheque will not be available – payment must be made through the PAC’s PayPal account.  Thank you for your understanding.

Order deadline is Monday, December 2.  Hoodies will hopefully be available for delivery by winter break.

Please note that there is no obligation to purchase a sweatshirt – participation is voluntary.  If you would like your child to have a hoodie, and are finding this purchase financially challenging, please contact Mrs Denton.

Thank you!


Denise Affleck and Georgette van de Bovenkamp
Grade 5 Committee Coordinators


Grade 5 Sweatshirts now available to order!!