In keeping with tradition, a few things are planned for our grade 5 students’ final year of elementary school, including the Grade 5 hoodie. This year, hoodies will be black with a red splash and 2020 year (white outline) on the back. The students have the option this year of either a pull over or zip up hoodie. Each of the children’s signatures will be printed within the numbers of the year.

All students have already been sized at the school, so you simply need to confirm your order and make your payment. Please NOTE that some students chose a larger size because they prefer their hoodie to be baggy. They have been told that they need to discuss their size choice with their parents because there are NO return/exchange options. The cost of the pull over hoodie is $31 and the zip up hoodie is $36.50.

The students also have the option of choosing a T-shirt for $22.

All orders must be received by no later than Friday October 25th, 2019, at which point the order will be placed with the supplier. Orders after this closing date will not be possible. Please note: once your order has been submitted, there will be no refunds. To facilitate the ordering process, payment by cash or cheque will not be available – payment must be made through the PAC’s PayPal account (credit cards or PayPal accounts accepted). Thank you for your understanding.

Order deadline is Friday, October 25th, 2019.

Please note that there is no obligation to purchase a sweatshirt – participation is voluntary. If you would like your child to have a hoodie, and are finding this purchase financially challenging, please contact our school principal Ms. Yu.

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Who,Grades 5

Sweatshirt Color,Black

Design,T-shirt\, Zip up or pull over hoodie with a red splash and 2020 year (white outline) with every grade 5 student’s signature on the back.

Cost, Pull over hoodie –$31.00~~Zip up hoodie – $36.50~~T-shirt – $22.00

Payment Method, Electronic payment via credit card or your own PayPal account – using the order form below.~~Cash or cheque will not be accepted.

Order Deadline, Friday\, October 25\, 2019

2019-2020 Grade 5 Sweatshirt is available for order!